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The Houbolt Road Extension will leverage the industry’s growth and invest in the community’s quality of life. The new route provides a more direct path for trucks to access I-80, taking traffic off local roads like Route 53 and giving them back to the families and our neighbors who use them every day.

About the Houbolt Road Extension

What is the Houbolt Road Extension project?

A privately owned and operated tolled 1.5-mile roadway/bridge project. The project limits extend from the existing Houbolt Road/US 6 intersection south to the Schweitzer Road/Vetter Road intersection.

What is the project purpose?

The project will create a new access point to facilitate the efficient flow of traffic and the safety of the motoring public.

What is the project schedule?

Construction began in March 2020 and the project will be completed in Spring 2023.

Who is financing and building the project?

The Houbolt Road Extension Joint Venture, LLC (or HRE-JV) is financing the design and construction of the project.

Who is the Houbolt Road Extension JV, LLC?

The Houbolt Road Extension JV, LLC is a business partnership between CenterPoint Properties and United Bridge Partners.

Will the bridge be tolled? If so, what will the toll rates be?

The HRE-JV will use an open road all-electronic toll system integrated with I-Pass. The Houbolt Road Extension toll structure will be approved by Will County before implementation. The toll rates for various vehicle classifications are still under review at this time but are targeted to be in line with the Illinois Tollway.

Is the HRE-JV working on any other projects in the area?

The HRE-JV is focused on advancing the Houbolt Road Extension project. We do not have any affiliation with any other bridge-related projects in Will County or the surrounding Joliet area.